Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Lydiard Millicent Preschool accept 2 year funding?

We will accept 2 year funding.  The minimum age a child can start with us is 2.5 years old.  We will need to see a copy of the award notification.

What if my child is ill whilst at Pre-School?

If your child is ill whilst at Pre-school, we will contact you and ask you to collect as soon as possible. A member of staff will sit with your child to ensure their safety and provide comfort and reassurance. We do ask that you do not bring your child to Pre-school if they are feeling unwell or if they have been ill the night before. We will only send them home again! Children who feel unwell are usually tired, weepy and just want to sit quietly (and be with mum or dad). An unwell child will not enjoy pre-school and may become distressed by the level of noise and activity. Please inform a member of staff if your child has any illness in order to inform other parents to be on the lookout for the symptoms in their child.

What happens if my child has a toileting accident at Pre-School?
If your child has an accident at Pre-school, it is not a problem. You can be assured that your child will be treated sensitively and calmly, without undermining their confidence or self-esteem in any way. Although we do have spare clothes at pre-school, it is a good idea to keep spare clothes (especially pants) in their bags. We do not have washing facilities at Pre-school, so all items of soiled clothing will be placed in a plastic bag for you to take home.

What happens to my child if there is an emergency at Pre-School?
If there is an emergency at Pre-School that requires us to vacate the building, we will contact you and ask that you collect your child as soon as possible. If your child has an accident requiring more than a cold compress, plasters and lots of TLC, you will be contacted immediately and asked to collect your child. If your child requires medical treatment or a trip to hospital, again you will be contacted either to collect your child or to meet a member of staff at the doctor’s/hospital. If we are unable to get hold of you, we will then refer to your child’s emergency contact form. We do practice Fire Drills every half-term to ensure that we can all get out of the building safely and calmly if we need to.

What happens if my child leaves or misses Pre-School for any reason?
We regret that we are unable to offer rebates for absence for any reasons. Please note that a full half term’s notice must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from pre-school. We will refund any remaining fees after this period.

Will fees be refunded if the Pre-school is unable to open?

Regrettably, the Pre-school is unable to offer refunds for any closures due to unforeseen circumstances. It would take only a very short time for such refunds to result in the permanent closure of the Pre-school. It is very rare that the pre-school has to close for a day.

My child attends LMPS. Is he/she guaranteed a place at Lydiard Millicent Primary School?

No. Attendance at the Pre-school does not influence admission to Lydiard Millicent Primary School. Please contact the school of your choice as early as possible for information on how and when to apply for a place.

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