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For safety reasons please do not drive up the lane at any time.

It is possible to park in the Parish Hall car park, or in the Sun Inn car park.


We have been informed by the school’s head teacher, Mrs Dougill, that there are a number of parents/guardians who are driving up The Butts lane and parking in the school car park when dropping off and/or collecting their child from Pre-School. This is not allowed between the hours of 8:30am and 3:30pm without prior permission.  

Parking is available at the Parish Hall (except on Wednesdays) and The Sun Inn.  

Apart from the obvious road safety issues, the school is required by OFSTED to enforce a ‘Stranger Danger’ policy that involves anyone on school grounds without an ID badge, to be challenged by staff and if seen by the pupils, they are to tell a member of staff immediately. This happened last week when pre-school parents/guardians used the school car park and walked across the playground to get to pre-school.  

It is vital that our children are kept safe and we therefore kindly ask for your co-operation.  

If you are unable to walk your child up the lane for reasons of physical disability or a medical condition, please contact myself, Jacqui Ambrose, Caroline McKellar or Mrs Dougill via the school.  

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation,
Steph Gattenby  
Committee Chair