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Special Events

Whilst at Lydiard Millicent Preschool there will be opportunities for your child to participate in visits, outings, workshops and festivals alongside our usual curriculum.

Some of the activities from September 2012 to July 2013 that our children have had the opportunity to take part in are:

  • Regular singing sessions with Swindon Music Service which ended with a concert at The Platform in Swindon
  • A Christmas concert for parents
  • A juggling session
  • One of our mum’s came in to talk about Thanksgiving
  • French lessons
  • A trip to Rove’s farm
  • A Christmas party with a visit from Father Christmas and a Magical Timmy performance
  • A visit from Jonathan’s jungle road show
  • A bouncy castle for the day
  • A trip to Cotswold wildlife park
  • Chinese and Indian food tasting days
  • An end of term party with another Magical Timmy performance
  • Trips on the bus to the local library
  • Visits to the School, for PE and story telling time
  • Independence day story and activities
  • Making Christmas boxes for children
  • Visiting local turkeys and chickens
  • Blackberrying picking
  • A guitarist session
  • WCC outdoor water play workshop
  • Breakfast clubs
  • Jeepers creepers workshop for Halloween
  • Bastille day celebrations ( making croissants)
  • A church wedding
  • A puppet show by the church
  • Heather Benn from Lydiard Millicent Church youth group came in to talk about Easter
  • Visits to Lydiard Millicent Church to take part in the stay and play sessions run by Heather Benn, the Church Youth Group leader

So far for the 2013/2014 year we are planning:

  • Regular Swindon Music Group sessions
  • A Trip to Roves from
  • A Christmas party with a visit from Father Christmas and a children’s entertainer
  • A Bouncy castle in the garden
  • A trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park
  • Food tasting sessions
  • End of term party
  • Bus visits when quiet
  • Schools visits
  • Optician visit
  • Puppet show
  • Church wedding
  • Easter story
  • Christmas boxes

As you can see we plan lots of fun activities for the children and are always looking to provide new experiences for them. If you have an interest, occupation or faith you would like to share with the pre-school, please contact us